How to Ship

The most cost effective way to ship your boxes will be through the United States Postal Service website. If you would prefer, you can always take your boxes to the post office and have them help you fill out the address forms.

To use the website

1. Go to and sign in, or create a new account.

2. Click on "Ship a package", then click "Ship now".

3. Fill in the appropriate address information.
For the soldier's name, put the rank in the first name field, and the rest of the information in the last name field.
Put the unit and other information in the address field.
APO/FPO will be in the city field.
State will be AE or AP (options are in the pop up menu).
Your zip code should be 9 digits.

4. Enter your package information (weight, type of box, etc.)

5. Select your service.

6. Enter your package information. In the Contents drop down box, select "gifts".
In the detailed description field, put "cookies".
Enter the value of your cookies. If you don't sell them, just put a number like $10.00 or so.
Quantity is just 1, as you are only sending 1 gift.
Enter the weight of your package.

7. From here on out, you should be able to go through a normal routine of entering your billing information and printing your label. All the customs paperwork is taken care of!

8. If you have any questions, feel free to , or visit our Facebook page and ask there.

Thank you for your participation!